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So another year has come to an end.
Despite the fact that we celebrated 30 years of SUICIDE COMMANDO this year (with some special anniversary shows, some cool re-releases ...), it nonetheless has been a very difficult year for me personally due to some health issues which even led to cancelling quite a few live shows and even postponing the new album.
So if you don't mind I rather want to focus on the future and forget 2016 which sucked for many other reasons,.
2017 is looking bright again for SUICIDE COMMANDO with finally the release of the long awaited new album, the release of the long announced "tribute" album, lots of new live shows, a new US tour ...
So see you in 2017 !
Thanks for your neverending support and have a wonderful and above all healthy 2017 !

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Bolkow - Poland
Castle Party Festival

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