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Happy new year to you all !
Meanwhile 2017 already seems far gone and history, but less us look back one more time ...
2017 was a great year for SUICIDE COMMANDO, our long awaited new album "forest of the impaled" did amazingly well and even reached the official german album charts at an incredible 28th position.
We also did some extensive touring again with a new USA tour, but also shows in Spain, Greece and even Malta, being the very first alternative electro band ever playing in Malta ...
And 2018 is looking to become a very busy touring year as well, with many new shows already announced and many more to come.
We're also working on a new single which should be out before summer.
And maybe we'll have some more surprises up our sleeves for you.

Thanks for your neverending support and see you soon !

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Saint Petersburg - Russia
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